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Cedar Hill RanchFamily & HomeFarmhouse Living with a French Accent Visit blog10/14/2013

Anita @ Cedar Hill Farmhouse

Cedar Hill Farmhouse  | Visit  

Cedar Hill Ranch is about Texas Living with a French accent. It’s about creating a relaxed lifestyle and home that is also graceful and beautiful, a place that embraces family and friends in a comfortable way while making them feel special and celebrated.
At Cedar Hill Ranch, we share ideas on creating a home that welcomes family and guests with interior design ideas, DIY projects, antiques, vintage dishes, great recipes, entertaining, and musings about ranch life.
I originally planned to study art in college, but after my dad had "the talk" with me, somehow my degree plan changed to engineering. "A girl needs to be able to support herself, blah, blah, blah." I thought no problem, I like math! Then when I graduated from college with an engineering degree, I thought that would be a lifetime career. But when my first baby was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect, I realized I would need to stay home or hire a nurse to care for her. I opted to stay home. As my little girl's health improved, our family expanded as we welcomed another daughter a few years later.
I wanted some special portraits of my girls, but found that the photographers didn't take the extra time needed to capture an engaging photo of my special needs daughter. I decided to do it myself, and accidentally launched a new career in portrait photography. I loved the photography and the clients, but decided I didn't enjoy owning the business, so after six years, I closed it. This blog is way for me to enjoy what I love about life - faith, family, friends, meeting new people, decor, antiques, entertaining, cooking, writing and photography all in one place. I'm so glad you're here for a visit.