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Little Susie Home MakerFamily & Home Visit blog10/26/2012

Little Susie Home Maker

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Come enjoy my blog with me! I love everything from children and family to sewing and chicken keeping, I like to share hobbies and interests, and invite you to comment on anything home. I would love to hear from you. Let's share our blessing!

My priorities are God, family, home, and keeping life joyful. I love my heavenly Father and the simplicity He has blessed us with to enjoy our lives. Thank Him for His Son the Messiah. Inside my home you will not only find my husband and I enjoying our two amazing children, but many pets that bring joy. Outside I see many little creatures living wonderfully in nature along side my wonderful chickens that I keep as well. Doing things with my hands is important to me, and keeping everyone moving at a smooth pace. I love everything that makes for a happy healthy family home.