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Barbara Rayne Books BlogBooksBlog about books written by Barbara Rayne, namely "Barriers", "21 Erased","Evolve" &"Nette". A place where you'll find all relevant updates on new releases.Visit blog1/21/2013

Barbara Rayne

Barbara Rayne Books Blog  | Visit  

Barbara Rayne, book author of "21 Erased", "Evolve" and "Nette".

As an urban child, my getaway from the noise and fast pace was escaping into the world of imagination. Is there any better place than books? My imaginary characters had everything I never could. I ran with them, changed the world, traveled across the magical unknown planets and waited for some better era to arrive. Today, I know one can change so little. But, reading the kind of fiction I write, one can recognize the present in the future, sense the loop which they plan to, with a smile, wrap around one's neck. One can make that crucial step not to be in the line while they wrap it around other people's necks. I want to show what the world might become if don't notice the traps on the road that are being placed by the ones who have that power. I'm taking you on my path that takes courage to face the imperfections of the world we're living in now and preparing you that it could be even worse if we do not expose it. I love challenges, do you?